A Typical Day on a Luxury Safari Holiday

The ultimate indulgence for travellers who love wildlife, the great outdoors, and beautiful accommodations in remote surroundings, a Luxury Safari Holiday is something that you’ll never forget, which is perhaps why many people choose a safari to celebrate their honeymoon, a landmark birthday, or a special anniversary.

A Typical Day on a Luxury Safari Holiday

Luxury Safari’s in South Africa, Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Kenya don’t come cheap, but they include everything from accommodations and transfers, to gourmet all-inclusive dining, game activities, and of course, sundowner’s in the middle of the bush, and so they really are worth every penny, although they are not nearly as relaxing as one might think…

In order to see Africa’s abundance of wildlife in all its glory, you need to get up before the sun rises, and venture out into the night when the real action happens, so you can forget partying all night and sleeping late!

A Typical Day on a Luxury Safari Holiday

But the rewards of your early morning and sunset game drives can be very fruitful indeed, and once you have seen a cheetah hunt, a leopard paying with its young, and a pride of lion’s finishing off a rather large meal, you will understand why thousands of people flock to Africa each year on what can only be called a holiday of a lifetime.

Here’s what a typical day on safari looks like:

05:00am Wake Up Call

At this time of the morning, getting out of mosquito net surrounding your four-poster bed can be a real challenge!

05:30am Meet at the Restaurant

No, it’s not breakfast time yet, but you will have time for a quick cuppa and, if you can bear to eat at this time of the day, a croissant.

06:00am The Game Drive Begins

As the sky begins to turn a magnificent shade of red and pink, it’s time to head into the African bush in search of the Big 5, the Little 5, the Ugly 5, and just about any other weird and wonderful creature that the game reserve has to offer!  It’s chilly at this time of the day, so make the most of those gorgeous cosy blankets, and wrap up.

08:00am Tea Break

After an exhilarating morning in the bush, it is time to take a break with a hot cup of tea or coffee and a couple of biscuits, all of which will be supplied and presented on the hood of your safari jeep.

09:30am Return to the Lodge

Now that the sun is shining, most animals will disappear into the shade.  It’s time for you do so the same!  On arrival at the lodge, you will have a few minutes to freshen up and pick the cobwebs out of your hair before a delicious 4-course brunch.

11:00am – 15:00pm R&R

Early afternoons are a lazy affair in most luxury safari camps, so you can relax by your private pool, drink a cocktail, snooze, or read a book.  If that sounds way too boring for you, you can head into the bush on foot (with your guide!!) for a walking safari, where you are pretty much guaranteed to find a snake or two and plenty of creepy crawlies!

15:30pm High Tea

It’s time to eat again, and during high tea you can expect delicious sandwiches, cakes, and a range of traditional African sweet and savoury snacks that will keep you going until dinner.

16:30pm Game Drive 2

Time for your second game drive of the day, it’s time to pack the jeep with your ‘Sundowner’ basket and head off in search of those animals you may not have found this morning.

18:30pm Sunset Sundowners

As the sun begins to set over the African bush, it is time for a refreshing G&T (or 2!) with some nuts and snacks.  Afterwards, you will head back to the lodge to shower and change for dinner.

20:00pm Dinner

Dinner is always special in a luxury safari camp, and you will generally dine in different locations each night.  You could be treated to a 5-course A La Carte Menu in the restaurant, a typical Braai (BBQ) next to a Boma Fire, or a romantic dinner for two in your own private location next to the pool or a hippo packed watering hole.

10:00pm One for the Road

By this time, most guests have made their way to the open fire for one final drink before retiring for the night.  A great time to meet new people and share stories!

11:00pm Bed Time

It’s time to say goodnight, after all, you have a 5am start tomorrow!










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