Zambezi River Safari: Who Needs the Bush!

One of our most memorable moments on a recent trip to Victoria Falls, was our sunset safari along the mighty Zambezi River. A spectacular river that crosses some six countries as it winds its way from central Africa to the Indian ocean, the Zambezi is magical, mystical, and every bit as magnificent as you imagine it to be, but what you may not realise, is that this river is the perfect place for a safari…

The banks of the Zambezi are literally bursting with wildlife, and you don’t have to go far to see Elephants, Hippos, Baboons, and a whole menagerie of Bird Life that will quite possibly take your breath away.

During our sunset cruise along the Zambezi, we saw herds of elephants drinking at the shoreline, several pods of noisy and smelly hippos, and mischievous baboons on every corner, but the highlight of our trip would have to be when one rather large bull elephant decided to cross the river from Zambia to Zimbabwe, directly in front of our somewhat fragile looking 6-man boat!

With the crescendo of the Victoria Falls in the background, our Zambezi River Safari really was a once in a lifetime experience, and if you are planning to visit the falls anytime soon, make sure you add a sunset boat cruise to your itinerary, or you could be missing out on this…

Zambezi Safari IMG_4970 IMG_4988 IMG_5017 IMG_5267 IMG_5279 IMG_5298 IMG_5340 IMG_5369




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