Damaraland Camp: A Wilderness Retreat for Self-Drive Adventurers


There are some fantastic accommodations to choose from in Namibia, and if you are planning a self-drive adventure to some of the country’s more remote areas such as Damaraland, it is essential that you plan your route carefully and book your lodge in advance.

Accommodations in this part of the world are few and far between, and those that are available are generally only accessible by 4×4.  Designed to complement the natural environment and blend in with the breathtaking landscapes that you will only find in Namibia’s north-central regions, the adventure camps here make you feel at one with nature, and as such, they are small, personal, and able to accommodate just a few lucky travellers at any one time.

Damaraland Camp: A Wilderness Retreat for Self-Drive Adventurers

One such place would be Damaraland Camp, a fabulous Wilderness Safari’s property in the Torra Conservancy. A magical place surrounded by ancient valleys, desert plains, and a huge expanse of star-filled skies, Damaraland Camp offers just 10 elevated thatched rooms, each with its own king-size bed, luxury bathroom, and private deck where you can sit back and relax with a chilled G&T while watching the desert adapted wildlife go by.

The beauty of Damaraland Camp is that it is owned and largely run by members of the local community, and so it is the local people who get to benefit from your stay.  During your time at the camp you can expect gourmet meals in the most exquisite locations, friendly staff who will do everything that they can to make your stay memorable, exciting game drives in the Huab River Valley, and stargazing around the ‘Boma’ fire under the midnight sky.

Damaraland really is out of this world, and if you are looking for a unique self-drive adventure that you simply will not find in your traditional travel brochure, this should be right up there on your Namibia Bucket List.

Damaraland Camp: A Wilderness Retreat for Self-Drive Adventurers IMG_0370 IMG_0372 IMG_0378 IMG_0380 IMG_0402 IMG_0425 IMG_0449






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