Having a Laugh with Hyenas in the Serengeti

If there is one creature you are almost guaranteed to see during your Serengeti Safari, it would have to be the Hyena, also referred to as the ‘scavenger’ of the Serengeti Plains.

Hardy beasts that prefer to dine on the leftovers of other predators, rather than catching their own, Spotted Hyenas will eat just about anything – including bones, but they are also skilled hunters who are more than capable of taking down wildebeest and antelopes to feed their hunger.

According to many reports, the Maasai people of Tanzania and Kenya actually leave out the remains of their dead to be consumed by hyenas. This not only prevents rotting flesh from attracting insect infestations, but it also helps keep communal areas disease free, and so while the hyena might not be the prettiest animals you will see on your safari, they are a vital part of nature’s eco-system.

Are hyenas cute? Well, they do say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder… what do you think?

Seregenti Safari Holidays img_8254jpg img_8263jpg img_8584jpg img_8296jpg img_8577jpg img_8301jpg



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